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Daily Brief: Feeling insecure about Android, Apple resorting to playground tactics, Microsoft's Lumia plans, and more

News by admin on Thursday July 10, 2014.

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Daily Brief
Daily Brief

Wednesday brought with it news that your data on Android is not quite as gone as you thought it was, while Apple didn?t take too kindly to being the only company being told off, so quickly roped in Google. Microsoft's early days with Nokia are taking shape and what?s happening with the Google Play Store?

Your data's gone but not quite forgotten

Normal and safe practise is to delete data when selling or giving away your smartphone, after-all we live in a world that's "watching". However, if you happen to be getting rid of an Android device then you may want to rethink your plans. As it turns out, your data is not quite as deleted as you may think and anti-virus giant Avast decided to prove it. The company bought 20 second hand Android devices that had been "wiped" and using basic hacking tools to recover a myriad of content.

Avast found everything from photos (some nude), loan applications, identity information, videos, and more. It turns out, storage on a mobile device is very much like it is on a PC, which means that while a file may seem deleted, the space it occupied is still there until it is overwritten. Apple?s iOS is the same, except that Cupertino's devices automatically encrypt at a hardware level whereas Android does not.

Yes we know, Android is insecure blah, blah, blah, but this is just further proof that it does not match the safety of its rivals, so let?s call it less secure. Of course, we are also very much aware that this whole experiment was a chance for Avast to advertise the fact that it can delete those files for your permanently. Sure, you can use Avast to do it, but there are also numerous tools available? Google is your friend.

Apple tells on Google

When Apple was confronted by the FTC over its in-app purchases, Cupertino quickly folded and agreed to a settlement. The company was not pleased however, and as well as stating its displeasure Apple also used its top lawyer to basically finger point in Google's direction. Cupertino said that Google had been doing the same thing as it had, essentially turning snitch like one would do on the playground.

Microsoft has plans for Lumia

The Lumia 930 (you may know it as the Lumia Icon) rolled out in the UK this week, making it Microsoft's first flagship level release since buying the Nokia devices division. Of course, the Lumia 930 is not a Redmond device as it was built when Nokia was still, well Nokia. However, Microsoft plans to start shipping its own Lumia products soon, and the first of those could be the Nokia by Microsoft Lumia 530. This budget device will not inspire anything in the smartphone enthusiast, but should hit a sweet spot in emerging markets that are oh so important for Windows Phone.

Play Store Edition vanishing act

If you had your eye on the Sony Z Ultra, LG G Pad 8.3, or HTC One M7 Google Play Editions then you have missed the boat. Google has removed them from the store entirely after they spent the last few weeks as unavailable. Yes, replacements could be inbound, but we suspect Google simply ended the life cycle of some aging products, or in the case of the G Pad a product that didn?t sell well.

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