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Daily Brief: Motorola to show Android L some love, a bad day for Samsung, and the rest of what happened on Tuesday

News by admin on Wednesday July 09, 2014.

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Daily Brief
Daily Brief

Yes... and the rest of what happened on Tuesday, which is our way of confessing that in terms of headline grabbing stories, it was a little flat. However, that does not mean nothing happened in the mobile arena on Tuesday, so take our hand (or not) and we'll guide you through the day's events.

Samsung's day to forget

There was a time when Samsung could do no wrong. The company was leading the way for Android and its devices were the only ones that could give Apple a run for its money in the sales charts. As it stands, Sammy is clinging onto both of those by a thread. The Korean giant has admitted that its drop in profits over the last quarter became because of decreased demand in its smartphones and tablets. We should probably clarify that the company still raked in over $8 billion, but this is not a short term loss, there are things at play here.

Okay, it is easy to put this down to increased demand for rival handsets, which is precisely what Samsung is saying. It?s true the other options now offer compelling alternatives to Samsung's handsets in all areas of the market, but we think there is another reason at play. Samsung has simply over saturated the smartphone market and diluted the Galaxy brand. The company covers all price points multiple times, and the truth is at many of those levels there are better handsets available than Galaxy smartphones. The company's ethos has always been to churn out devices and pay loads for advertising.

Well, here's the news Samsung, churning out crap aside from a few standout phones will not cut it in a savvier consumer market. Mark the Daily Brief's words, this will get worse before it gets better.

Talking of Samsung, the company is also suffering because of complaints surrounding the build quality of its Android Wear Galaxy Gear Live. Attendees of Google's I/O event are complaining that the charging component is not functioning leaving their smart watch like a brick. Samsung has time to fix this problem before the Live rolls out properly around the world, but again, what's that we said about churning out crap?

Motorola devices to get Android L

Motorola's split from Google (the company has been bought by Lenovo) led to many thinking its handsets would not get as much love from Android when it comes to updates. Thanks to its strong ties to Mountain View, Moto devices have been quick to get any new version of Google's mobile platform. Luckily, this split seems amicable as Motorola's Moto X and Moto G will get the Android L update fairly quickly after the software is released later this year.

And the rest

ZTE launched a new flagship smartphone today called the Nubia Z7. The handset is packed with high end specs such as a 5.5-inch QHD like the one found on the LG G3, however don't expect this device to be made available in Western markets anytime soon.

Android 4.4 KitKat continued to snatch more user market share by accounting for over 17% of all Android devices in June. That's a nice vindication of Google's plans for the version, but when we see Gingerbread still has over 13% it shows how fragmented Android remains.

Sony's new Xperia C3 is being pushed as a selfie smartphone thanks to its 5MP wide lens front facer with LED flash. However, with solid specs and sleek looks, we would say forget it as a selfie phone and just see it for what it is, a competent mid-ranger that could be intriguing if Sony gets its pricing right.

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