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Early issues with the Galaxy Gear Live give Samsung a headache

News by Luke Jones on Tuesday July 08, 2014.

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Gear Live
Gear Live

Samsung has its fair share of problems at the moment as the company deals with falling profits amid lowering demand for its mobile products. The Korean juggernaut has another headache with news spreading that its Galaxy Gear Live wearable is having problems. The Android Wear device is the subject of growing complaints from disgruntled consumers who say that the charging component is falling off.

Of course, when lacking the charger port the Live runs out of juice and cannot be charged, making it useless. The device is not widely on release around the world yet, but several attendees of Google's I/O event who got their hands on the smart watch have complained of the issue on Google+. In a way, this has come at the right time for Samsung as the company has the time to fix the problem before the Gear Live ends up around too many wrists.

However, this is undoubtedly a disaster for the company too as it will have to potentially call back hundreds of thousands of Gear Live devices that have already shipped to retailers. Aside from the obvious monetary cost of that, it also means the Live could get a reputation early in its run for being unreliable, something other Samsung products have been accused of in the past.

With Motorola's Moto 360 and LG's G Watch as major rivals, Samsung could do without getting such a reputation. It doesn?t help the cause when some reports suggest that Samsung's customer services have been less than helpful in helping to solve the problem, with some Gear Live users claiming they have been cut off. Google's own customer services have performed better, although Mountain View seems unable to resolve the issue as it is not directly attributed to Android Wear.

The Galaxy Gear Live was Samsung's addition to the Android Wear platform, a device that kept Samsung?s wearable plans at least partly within Google's ecosystem. If the Gear Live continues to have these faults we would perhaps think that Samsung's wearable is a half-hearted attempt to appease Google and not really the wearable device the company is interested in as it has its own Tizen based range to take care of.

source: BGR

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