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The HTC Volantis could be the first Android Silver device

News by Luke Jones on Tuesday July 08, 2014.

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HTC Volantis Nexus 8
HTC Volantis Nexus 8

After missing its rumoured launch at Google?s I/O event, the HTC Volantis Nexus 8 tablet has been the subject of plenty of speculation. The latest piece of information comes from known tech deep throat Evleaks, who says that the slate will actually be a part of Google's new Android Silver project.

Android Silver is Google's latest product line that is said to be launching in 2015. At first it was believed that Silver would replace the Nexus brand entirely as Google's hardware name of choice, but now it seems more apparent that Android Silver will arrive alongside Nexus. That lends itself to the theory that the Android Silver line will be a high end alternative to the generally more affordable Nexus brand.

That certainly seems to be the case with the HTC Volantis. The tablet is reported to have high end specs including a unibody aluminium chassis, HTC Boomsound speakers, and innards to rival the best tablets on the market. The Volantis is also said to come with a price tag of $399 or higher, which certainly makes it a different beast to the much more affordable Nexus 7.

However, the Volantis is scheduled to launch during the next three months, while Android Silver has always been reported to be landing in 2015. Could Google be bringing the Silver branding forward and could the Volantis be the first device in the line? There are still conflicting reports around this fact, mostly stemming from the fact that the HTC tablet seems to be called the Nexus 8. That would mean it is not part of the Android Silver range at all.

All very confusing, but with the slate set to launch in the next couple of months we will hopefully not have to wait long to find out.

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