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Daily Brief: Apple getting creative, what the F Samsung, and Verizon playing by its own rules

News by Luke Jones on Monday July 07, 2014.

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Daily Brief
Daily Brief

It is another week in the mobile world and we are back again with the Daily Brief, your one stop shop for the top stories of the day. It was a Monday when Apple was forced to change policy in Korea, while I shed some light on Cupertino's iPhone strategy. Also on the agenda, another, another, another look at Samsung's upcoming Galaxy F and Verizon thinking LG's design was not good enough for the G3.

Apple is distracting you with its core product

There is no argument, the iPhone 6 has showed more times than any other "i" device pre-launch, so much so that it will take something pretty special to surprise us when it does land. However, those crafty guys over at Cupertino are purposely allowing its flagship to be hounded out by the media. It is all part of a plan to give the iPhone some extra buzz pre-launch and take some attention away from the also imminent iWatch.

Think about it, you know plenty about the iPhone but next to nothing about the iWatch? there's a reason for that! My sources tell me Apple still has some surprises up its sleeve though, such as the phablet iPhone, and in the iWatch a product that is said to be a game changer.

Other Apple news today saw the company forced to change is app refund policy in Korea, alongside rival Google. A winning move for the consumer if ever there was one, and we hope it will encourage similar practice worldwide.

What the F is this Samsung?

The Galaxy F, or as you may have once know it, the Galaxy Prime, or was that the Galaxy S5-LTE A? Hey, in this maze of Galaxies it is easy to get lost, but it seems the Galaxy F is chasing us as opposed to us chasing it. Putting the iPhone 6 to shame with how often it shows up, the F landed again today, this time for a shot out in the wild. The handset will launch late summer if reports are to be believed, but don't worry because we will surely be seeing a lot more of it before then.

Verizon changes the LG G3

The LG G3 is very good, I think most can agree on that. It has generated plenty of buzz because of its raw power and sleek looks, but US carrier Verizon was not happy with one side of that deal. For the company's G3 variant, Big Red has decided to get rid of the brushed metal look that made the G3 classy and made it into a rather dull, black, G2 lookalike. Arrogance doesn't really cut it.

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