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Apple's marketing pushes the iPhone 6 but protects the iWatch

Editorial by Luke Jones on Monday July 07, 2014.

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Apple iPhone and iWatch marketing plans
Apple iPhone and iWatch marketing plans

If you have been following the mobile tech news over recent weeks then you probably (like the rest of us) know plenty about the upcoming iPhone 6. You will know that Apple's next smartphone flagship will come with a 4.7-inch screen, you will know it is taller, thinner, and more rounded than the iPhone 5s, and you will know that it could well be accompanied by a larger iPhone phablet.

That is all correct and you can take that knowledge to the bank, but you may have asked yourself the following question:

"Why do I know all this, how is this iPhone 6 so conspicuous?"

It is a fair question as Apple has built a reputation of being extremely secretive during the creation of a product and then its launch window. Take the iPad for example, we know that there will be a model released later in the year, but the leaks have arrived like a trickle. While we are playing with the analogy it would be better to describe the leaks surrounding the iPhone 6 as like a raging torrent.

I spoke to an Apple marketing representative over the weekend and the source shed some light on why we are seeing so much of the iPhone. As it turns out, Apple is creating a pre-launch marketing atmosphere that it thinks will aid both the iPhone 6 and the upcoming iWatch. This essentially means that at least indirectly that Apple is responsible for the swarm of activity around the iPhone 6. My source broke it down to the two following reasons.

1. Firstly, it seems Apple is wary of the impact of other flagship devices in the market, with the company especially worried about the way the iPhone is currently perceived. Yes, the iPhone 5s sold in vast numbers, but the public opinion is that Apple needs to do something special with the iPhone to keep it at the top. The iPhone 6 will not necessarily do that and will instead be an incremental update of the 5s, so to generate interest Cupertino has made the handset far more visible pre-launch.

It is certainly a media tactic that is working, with buzz surrounding the iPhone 6 at a high, months before the device will launch. My source says Apple is confident that the iPhone 6 launch weekend will surpass anything the company has enjoyed before, and there is at least one big surprise in store for the launch. That surprise is probably the iPhone phablet.

2. While bringing extra coverage to the iPhone 6, Apple's marketing tactic is also steering away from the device it is truly trying to keep under wraps. Just like the iPhone, an iWatch wearable is meant to launch later this year, but strangely (and unlike the iPhone) concrete information regarding the watch is scarce. Sure, there have been leaks, but for the most part we are not sure what the iWatch is and what it will look like. According to my source, Apple is purposely redirecting attention away from the iWatch because the company has some very big plans for the device.

Cupertino is confident that it will radically reshape the still young wearable market and wants the iWatch to land as a huge surprise, much like the iPhone and iPad did.

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