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The OnePlus One will get Android L within three months of release

News by Luke Jones on Monday July 07, 2014.

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OnePlus One Android L
OnePlus One Android L

OnePlus has announced that it will update its smartphone, the OnePlus One, to Android L within three months of its release.

The OnePlus One is an interesting smartphone, hugely respected because of its ethos but also something of a laughing stock. The handset is the undisputed pound for pound king of the mobile world, bringing flagship kicks and a cool design to the mid-range price point. However, The One has been subject to numerous delays in getting to market, and is currently delayed further as the company deals with software issues.

That leaves us in the curious position of knowing everything about the OnePlus One, and thinking it is good without really knowing how it performs day to day. The company has engaged in some serious appetite whetting, but has so far failed to feed us the actual device. The news that the One will get the latest and greatest Android version should work the hunger levels a little more too.

At the moment, the OnePlus One runs Android 4.4.2 through the CyanogenMod ROM, but the company says within 90 days of Android L's release it will arrive on the One. That is the same timeframe that HTC is promising for its own One M8 flagship, so OnePlus should be applauded for committing to such a timetable, especially as the company is tiny compared to its competitors.

However, we are in a strange situation where Android L may land before the OnePlus is even widely available, so we do hope the company gets a move on in releasing its much anticipated smartphone.

source: Android in Canada

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