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Apple hires watch marketing specialist ahead of iWatch launch

News by Luke Jones on Saturday July 05, 2014.

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It's time to rub your chin and let out an interested hum as Apple's wearable plans seem to be getting just a little clearer. The company has been extremely tight lipped about its ambitions in this growing market, but Cupertino has now employed Patrick Pruniaux, TAG Heuer's sales and retail VP. In other words, Apple poached a guy who is very good at marketing and selling watches.

That makes an interesting change from the company's recent tech hires, as Apple has been mostly taking on personnel who would be more suited to the software side of the wearable. Now Cupertino clearly has the tech side covered and is focusing on actual watch specialists, with Pruniaux being the first of a number of such people to be given a job. With that in mind, it seems apparent that the software and technology Apple is using for the iWatch is done, while the design was likely locked in a while ago. Considering Pruniaux is an expert at marketing traditional watches, we presume Cupertino is gearing up an iWatch launch.

Of course, we are also hoping that Pruniaux's background with luxury timepiece maker Tag Heuer means Apple is working on something extra special. We are used to Cupertino delivering premium products, and the consumer base is willing to pay for that Apple touch. However, to charge more for a wearable in what is a nascent market will mean Cupertino will need to deliver something that stands out from the crowd from an aesthetic point.

That will be tough with the good looking Moto 360 set to launch running Android Wear later in the summer. Perhaps Apple is upping the ante and has found a way to build a smart watch that fits truly to the old aesthetics of high end watches. Cupertino will also have to make sure its software and tech stands out too, but we are encouraged by this news and think an iWatch launch will arrive in the next few months.

source: 9to5Mac

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