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Will Microsoft?s Nokia?s come with Canon cameras?

News by Luke Jones on Saturday July 05, 2014.

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Microsoft Nokia Canon
Microsoft Nokia Canon

Nokia has been a leader in mobile camera technology for many years, and the current crop of Lumia devices have the best snappers in the smartphone world. Now under Microsoft's wing, upcoming Nokia Lumia devices could come sporting cameras made by industry powerhouse Canon as the two companies have signed a licensing agreement.

The Nokia cameras are so good that they are better than a great many point and shoot products, and the smartphone market in general has been hugely detrimental to point and shoot sales. That has resulted in plenty of traditional camera companies wanting to get closer to tech companies, hence why Canon and Microsoft are shacking up. The licensing partnership means both companies will have access to each other?s tech and plans, although it is unclear if this extends beyond photography.

There are two potential things going on here. Either one of the companies was close to infringing on a patent so decided to pursue a licensing trade to avoid court cases down the road, or the two companies are going to collaborate. That could mean future Nokia devices built by Microsoft could come with Canon technology, and may even get a splash of Canon branding on the back of the device too.

Sure, this could be the companies covering their legal backs, but we are pretty excited at the possibility of improved camera tech arriving on future Lumia devices. After-all, the Nokia brand is already number 1 for smartphone photography, so bringing one of the industry giants in to help along could yield some fantastic results. It also hints that Microsoft could be willing to make photography and camera tech the driving selling point of its high end Nokia's, when they arrive.

source: Photography Blog

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