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The HTC Volantis according to a 14-year old

News by Luke Jones on Friday July 04, 2014.

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HTC Volantis scam
HTC Volantis scam

We revealed rumours yesterday that the HTC Volantis (or Nexus 8 as it will be known) would come with monster specs including a 64-bit processor, a metal chassis, Boomsound speakers, and 5GB of RAM. An Evleaks source revealed the details, but we cast some doubt over the amount of RAM and wondered whether it was a testing amount that would be reduced come launch.

As it turns out our speculation was pointless as the news was bogus and Evleaks had been hoodwinked by a 14-year old kid. Turns out none of the specs are true as the person who dished them is not connected to HTC or Google in anyway. That is a shame because those were some truly monstrous specs too, although something never seemed right about 5GB of RAM.

Now, we like Evleaks as the guy is usually very reliable and at least he had it in him to get on Twitter today and admit he had been conned. Isn't there just something a little more humiliating about it being a 14-year old kid?

Yesterday was not a good day. I got hoaxed 2x. First was OnePlus. Second was Volantis. 14-yr-old posing as a Google engineer. Embarrassing

Yes embarrassing, but we and the hundreds of news outlets that run with the story have to share in Evleak's humiliation. Luckily there is some light at the end of this rather pointless tunnel as the kid actually nailed some specs that are almost guaranteed to arrive on the Nexus 8. That includes a metal body and probably Boomsound speakers, just don't go expecting 5GB of RAM, although perhaps we should get more 14-year old kids involved in building tablets if these are the kinds of specs they dream up.

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