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Daily Brief: Blackberry fights Android, Amazon Fights the FTC, and HTC fights back

News by Luke Jones on Thursday July 03, 2014.

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Daily Brief
Daily Brief

The mobile news on this Thursday was dominated by tech fights, but surprisingly Apple and Samsung were not involved this time. Instead the two juggernauts let the others duke it out as Blackberry set Android in its crosshairs, Amazon took on a federal body, and HTC fought, well dwindling hopes for the future.

Blackberry does not like the way Android does security

Although, according to Blackberry CEO John Chen, the deal with Samsung to use the company's Knox system baked into all Android products is "step in the right direction". It is still not the direction you should be walking if you listen to Chen, with the boss of the Canadian company thinking Android still has a long way to go. Mimicking Apple CEO Tim Cook and his attack on Android's security, Chen claims that Blackberry is significantly more secure than Android.

He has a point of course, Blackberry is more secure, but his whole patter just came across like sour grapes. Now, if we assume the role of an Android executive thinking of a comeback we could simply list the things wrong with Blackberry. Poor OS, terrible marketing, ill-timed arrivals into markets, and a host of other things spring to mind. What we are saying is, when Tim Cook attacks he does so with the knowledge that Apple takes the fight to Android on a daily basis. When Chen does it, he does so with the knowledge that Blackberry has had its ass kicked to near extinction after a string of poor decisions.

Perhaps Blackberry is more secure, but at least an Android employee is more secure than an Blackberry one? see we thought of a another comeback.

Amazon vs. the FTC

The FTC crops up a lot in tech news, after-all, this is the federal body that decides whether products will be put for sale in the US. The FTC is pretty peeved with Amazon at the moment because the retailer refuses to change its in-app purchase policy. The company thinks its model of putting no verification walls between you and an in-app purchase is the way to go, even if stupid kids around the world spend their parent's cash accidently.

The FTC would like to see a password like with iOS, but Amazon is having none of it and is even willing to fight it out in the courts. Somehow we already know the result of this; either Amazon will cave in like Apple did in this situation, or it will go to court and the company will be hit with a huge fine and cave in the hard way. Ball's in your court Amazon.

HTC is Back in Black

There?s a link in that title between the AC/DC song and HTC, can you tell us what it is?

The Taiwanese company is on the mend and actually made money during the last quarter, a pretty novel thing to happen as HTC has been shipping losses for a while now. The climb above the red line is all thanks to the HTC One M8, a device that is selling well for the company on the back of its sleek looks and good performance. However, if the M8 flies at first before dropping, like the One M7, then the walls could come crashing onto HTC again. The good times may not be here to stay, but we all like HTC right?

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