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Blackberry CEO lays into Android

News by Luke Jones on Thursday July 03, 2014.

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Blackberry Android security
Blackberry Android security

Android Chief Sundar Pichai has had to defend his platforms' security reliability against attacks from Apple CEO Tim Cook recently, and now the platform is getting it from another rival. Blackberry CEO John Chen has laid into Android's security and also dismissed the platforms new partnership with Samsung.

Google announced at the company's I/O event that it would implement Samsung's Knox system into Android as a whole. Knox has been a Samsung exclusive until now and delivers enterprise security solutions that keep professional and personal data separate. Knox has been praised as a robust model and Android will surely improve because of it, but that is not good enough for Chen.

Blackberry's chief says that Android is moving in the right direction by partnering with Samsung, but the platform still cannot live with Blackberry. Chen is not really attacking Knox, but more the Android platform as a whole. He claims the Blackberry model is secure from top to bottom, while Knox is a very secure system built "upon an insecure foundation." Touting Blackberry?s long term appeal in the enterprise arena, Chen says there are tens of millions of Blackberry's that are secure, while only a "few million" Knox devices are in use.

What cannot be debated is that Blackberry has an extremely secure system and that is partly why the company has become so popular in business and government. However, times they are a changing and the lead Blackberry once held in this market is dwindling. That's because Android and indeed iOS are catching the company in terms of security and in some areas have already overtaken it.

Unfortunately, when you are the CEO of biggest tech company as Tim Cook is, you can get away with bold attacks. When you are CEO of a dwindling mobile power and trying to save the company, as Chen is, your attacks do not really carry much weight, even if there is a modicum of truth in them. Yes, Blackberry is more secure than Android, but a repost attack stating all that is wrong with Blackberry devices and the BB platform recently would make for a long read.

source: Android Police

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