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More details about the Microsoft watch shed some light on the wearable

News by Luke Jones on Thursday July 03, 2014.

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Microsoft Wearable Smart Watch
Microsoft Wearable Smart Watch

Yesterday we revealed that Microsoft's smart watch would arrive in October and that the company thought a face that sat on the palm side of the arm would be more natural. Of course, I mocked that decision as humans have been wearing watches the other way (would that be unnaturally?) for many years. However, it seems that Microsoft is not making a smart watch at all but will instead build a fitness watch, and it seems the face will point the traditional way.

Supersite for Windows creator Paul Thurrott is among the most reliable source gathers when it comes to all things Microsoft. He is saying that the Microsoft wearable will actually be a fitness tracker along the lines of Samsung's Galaxy Gear Fit as opposed to a smart watch like the Galaxy Gear 2. The health strap will offer an array of fitness tools and will time keep and offer up notifications, while the numerous health sensors on board will be compatible for iOS, Android, and of course Windows.

The wearable has leaked before as part of a Microsoft patent application, with the wide strap body and implanted square screen also shown. The patented device would track runs, navigate via GPS, receive notifications, and receive messages, while it will probably tell the time too. As you can see in the patent image above, the Microsoft fitness band looks like it will come with a standalone charging dock that the watch slots onto. That would certainly be a nice touch from Microsoft, although there are no guarantees that it will arrive on the finished product.

Whether this will be the Microsoft watch to land in October is another matter, perhaps Redmond has more than one wearable in the works. We are sure more details will emerge closer to the reported launch date.

source: WinSuperSite

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