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Android L passes early battery life test

News by Luke Jones on Thursday July 03, 2014.

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Android L battery test
Android L battery test

When Google launched Android L at the I/O event last week, one of the things the company touted was the platforms improved battery performance. It turns out Mountain View was right as an early test shows that the L release will indeed boosts a devices battery life. The process to make Android L more power pack friendly was called Project Volta, which included a new API that collected and scheduled minor tasks better.

Project Volta was creating a smart battery in a sense and includes what the company called a "battery historian" to keep hold of draining tasks, while a move to the more efficient ART runtime has also helped. The battery saver mode is more aggressive than previously seen and starts running when there is just 15% juice left in the tank.

The developer preview of Android L has been put to the test by ARS Technica and some members of XDA developer forums and it seems that Project Volta is a success. The test revealed that Android L had a mammoth 36% better battery performance over KitKat and did not even need to run its "battery saver" mode. Some forum members recorded slightly different results, but aside from KitKat dropping in performance, Android L recorded fairly uniform numbers. Of course, it is worth remembering that this is just testing in a controlled situation and with the developer period.

When Android L is actually on your device it could be a different story depending on your personal consumption such as running apps and general usage load. Of course, the results could even be better, but we will have to wait to see. For now though it is good to see that Google is living up to its word with Android L, hopefully with plenty more to come.

source: ARS Technica

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