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Daily Brief: Microsoft fashionably on time, Android 4.4.4 on tour, Amazon's phone will crash and burn, while Samsung has another phone for that

News by Luke Jones on Wednesday July 02, 2014.

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Daily Brief
Daily Brief

Welcome again to the Daily Brief, where we take a meandering but fast paced look through the day's mobile news and keep you in the know. This Wednesday brought news that Microsoft would be releasing a smart watch, Amazon's Fire Phone will fall flat, Android 4.4.4 continues to find its way to handsets, and last but by no means least rumours of yet another Samsung smartphone.

Let's keep a watch on Microsoft

Microsoft's hardware reputation goes something like completely missing the market shift to a product and then releasing a version too late to be a significant player. Don?t believe that? Well, the company missed the MP3 boom, the smartphone boom, and the tablet boom. Sure, Redmond's hardware forays so far have been good, but woefully late.

Perhaps then we should be worried that the company seems to be making its wearable plans in a timely fashion. The Microsoft smart watch rumour mill is in full swing and the device is reported to be landing this October. What?s more, the company will attempt to steal Google and Apple's thunder by making its smart watch cross platform.

Strangely (which means it is probably a lie), the Microsoft smart watch will be worn with the watch face on the underside of the wrist. To you and me that means the watch will be on the wrong way, but Microsoft "apparently" thinks turning the palm is more natural. Wait a second, haven?t we been wearing watches the other way for hundreds of years and managed just fine? Don?t mess with the concept too much Microsoft!

The Quickest Android ever!

A roll out of a new Android version can seem like a great saga as carriers and manufacturers jostle to release updates sometimes months after the software arrives. So, what the hell is happening with Android 4.4.4! Announced less than two weeks ago, the latest Android version has raced out of the blocks and is finding its way to loads of handsets (The Google Play Edition HTC One M8 and M7 the latest). Of course, it helps entirely when the file is less than 3MB and is to fix the mistakes you made with the previous recently launched version.

Consumers put the Fire Phone out

An eagle eyed tech site (not us, it was GeekWire) has been tracking Amazon's Fire Phone since it launched last week. The guys at GeekWire watched Amazon's own best sellers list and found the Fire Phone languishing in 77th (it has since improved slightly) and concluded that it is a bon-a-fide flop. However, since the device does not even launch until July 25th, judging it on pre-orders alone is not wise. Although the smartphone does not escape that easily.

As it turns out, the Fire Phone is very much not on Fire as consumer research suggests that the device is going to thoroughly tank. No amount of 3D images and sexy innovations can solve the mystery of why this phone is so damn ugly and expensive.

Samsung to launch

It seems a familiar tech headline as Samsung is always "to launch" something, and the latest is another smartphone to nestle into its phablet line up. The Galaxy Mega 2 will replace the Mega, a device that was always a little disappointing. The sequel seems to be upping the ante though with a 64-bit processor and some serious specs.

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