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Microsoft to launch smart watch in October

News by Luke Jones on Wednesday July 02, 2014.

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Microsoft smart watch
Microsoft smart watch

Microsoft is a full blown hardware company and Redmond is now producing smartphones through its acquisition of Nokia and tablets with its Surface line. The software giant is also looking to branch out into the wearable space for the first time with its own smart watch, a response to a slew of wrist gadgets that have landed in the last two years.

Some reports today have suggested that Microsoft's smart watch will be made in response to Apple's iWatch, but considering the iWatch is not even official we find that fanciful. Sure, Apple will release a wearable this year it seems, but it would be far more logical for Microsoft to be building its own example as a response to Google and Android Wear or the wearable trend in general.

Microsoft has had a problem in the past of arriving to the party a little late, as the company missed the boat with the mobile boom including smartphones and tablets. If Redmond was to enter the wearable fray now it would be a more timely arrival and would put the company amid all the other tech giants. By the end of the year we could have Google, Apple, and Microsoft all fighting it out with essentially new products and systems. Indeed, Microsoft will certainly not be late to this trend as while smart watches are getting a lot of buzz, they still only account for minor sales with the biggest sellers reaching hundreds of thousands of units. It is however generally accepted that the wearable market will explode in the near future, or as some analysts think, when Apple enters it.

Microsoft's first take on the smart watch will land in October according to some reports, while it has also been suggested that Microsoft will ignore the market trend and make its device cross platform compatible. It is also being rumoured that the Microsoft smart watch will have its face towards your body, or on the underside of your wrist. The reasoning for this could be that Microsoft believes it is more natural to turn your palm rather than your wrist, even though everybody has been doing the latter with their normal watches for over 100 years.

source: BGR

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