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The Fire Phone will tank, but don't use Amazon to prove it

News by Luke Jones on Wednesday July 02, 2014.

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Fire Phone
Fire Phone

The Amazon Fire Phone launched two weeks ago with some of the things we look for in a new smartphone, such as innovation, cool software, and the potential for growth. However, the device is curious because it was met with a collective shrug from the tech community, and it is doing little better with consumers. The Fire Phone is becoming something of a flop early in its life and is already plunging the depths of the company's own best seller lists according to GeekWire.

So if the Fire Phone has the cool software and innovations, why is it failing? Well, it lacks some of the other things we look for, namely slick design, excitement, and most importantly a price tag that fits its stature as a new handset on the market. In other words, Amazon's handset is not sexy enough and not affordable enough.

This is certainly one of the occasions when being an international online retailer that ranks a products' popularity by sales comes back to haunt. GeekWire has been keeping a close eye on Amazon's sellers list and found that the device was ranked 77th for electronics. A check this morning revealed the device climbed to 70th, but regardless the brand new Fire Phone is languishing behind a host of rivals.

However, while it makes for desperate reading on paper, the truth is a little more revealing. For a start, the Fire Phone is not actually available yet, with the ship date pencilled for July 25th, so its ranking is based purely on pre-orders. Also worth a mention is the fact that the smartphone is the second most popular contract device on the list, with only the Samsung Galaxy S5 in front.

So, it seems Amazon's own best sellers list is not the place to judge the early vibe surrounding the Fire Phone. Unfortunately for the device and the company, market research and analyst predictions show that the handset is likely to tank anyway.

source: GeekWire

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