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Daily Brief: flirty iPhones, Samsung's flood, and HTC showing Android L some love

News by Luke Jones on Tuesday July 01, 2014.

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S5 Mini
S5 Mini

Today was one of those slow news days. It was the kind of day where nothing shook the mobile world, although Samsung did its very best to flood it. In fact the Korean company is a good place to start today's Daily Brief.

Samsung has a device for that

Samsung has a business model that works by ensuring there is a handset for every single price point of the market, and often there is more than one. If you want a smartphone for $150, Samsung has one for that, if you want one for $155, you should pay Sammy a visit.

Flexing its throw it at them and see how it sticks muscles today, Samsung launched five devices and we have to remember it is only Tuesday. Who knows what the rest of the week will bring. The funny thing about all of the handsets Samsung released is that none of them are excellent smartphones, especially the four budget devices the company rolled out.

Why does Samsung think that the budget market is still locked into buying terrible devices? Smartphones like the Moto G and others have shown that budget can be cool, or at the very least good. So Samsung?s response is the Galaxy Ace 4, the Young 2, and the Star 2, and all we have to say is the best thing about these products is their names.

The Galaxy Core 2 that arrived is arguably one of the most uninspiring mid-range efforts we have seen in some time, but hey ladies and gentlemen, this is Samsung and the Korean company can peddle all kinds of crap and get away with it. At least the Galaxy S5 Mini shines a little light on this week?s (or should that be weak?) output, although the fairly vanilla specs will not be for anyone craving the normal S5 flagship experience.

HTC gets cosy with Android L

Is HTC or LG Samsung's biggest Android rival? We?ll let you ponder that one, but for the time being HTC is certainly doing its best to make sure it is the go to third party brand for Android updates. The company promised the HTC One M8 and M7 will get the Android L update within 90 days of its release and today the company's roadmap for the software emerged. If you have even a half decent HTC smartphone you can expect to be rocking Android L in fairly rapid time. On top of that, if you are rocking the HTC One M8 you will also be carrying one of the best looking handsets, so it is win, win situation really.

The iPhone 6 is a flirt

Forget about the days when the iPhone was a positive recluse before launch as the upcoming iPhone 6 has been putting itself around everywhere. The handset has been showing up all over the place whether it is to reveal a spec detail or to shed some light on its design. We are in the odd position of knowing loads about an upcoming "i" product. Not good Apple, not good.

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