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Microsoft interested in licensing Nokia name for smartphones

News by Luke Jones on Monday June 30, 2014.

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Microsoft Nokia
Microsoft Nokia

It has been reported today that Microsoft is looking to licence the Nokia brand for its own products after buying Nokia's devices and services division earlier this year. Any such deal would allow Microsoft to build and release smartphones and other products in the future with the Nokia brand. The move could be a good one for the software giant as Nokia's name clearly holds plenty of market cache in the mobile arena.

While it is a common misconception that Microsoft bought Nokia, it actually didn't and instead merely bought one piece of the Finnish company. Nokia still operates as a separate entity, although it cannot build its own smartphones for at least two years. However, during that time Microsoft gets to use the Nokia brand, but when the time is up Redmond will have to drop the Nokia name altogether.

Microsoft is well aware the long term affinity the mobile crowd has with Nokia, while the Nokia Lumia brand is synonymous with the rebirth and growth of Windows Phone. Because of this the company is looking to license the Nokia brand for smartphones after the initial two year period is over. Microsoft is already able to use the Nokia name on feature phones for 10 years and is looking to close a similar deal with smartphones.

It is being suggested that Microsoft is looking to replace its own Surface brand with Nokia in the future, although this seems less likely. Certainly, the Surface tablets are good but haven't sold in vast numbers, so the brand is hardly one that is hugely successful in the consumer space. Nokia on smartphones and tablets would give Microsoft a ready-made mega brand, especially now that Nokia does do slates and Redmond will likely continue that avenue. However, it still seems unlikely that Microsoft will ditch the Surface name just yet.

source: WM Poweruser

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