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Galaxy S5 struggles against the iPhone in May

News by Luke Jones on Monday June 30, 2014.

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Galaxy S5 fails to outsell iPhone
Galaxy S5 fails to outsell iPhone

Samsung's Galaxy S5 failed to surpass sales of Apple's iPhone during the month of May, despite the GS5 arriving with a huge bang in April. The Galaxy S5 arrived amid hugely expensive advertising campaigns and with the massively successful Galaxy S4 and S3 as its predecessors. If there was a time to topple the iPhone dominance, it was now, but instead it has sort of gone wrong for Samsung.

In the UK the Galaxy S5 lost out to both the iPhone 5s (11.1%) and the iPhone 5c (11%) to become the third best-selling handset during May. The S5 picked up 9% of all sales which is not to be sniffed at, but for Samsung is something of a disappointment, especially as the Galaxy S4 still accounted for over 7% of sales. Of course, it should be pointed out that these are UK specific numbers, but looking globally the reading is not any better for Samsung. In fact it is worse as in some markets (such as the US) where the iPhone holds an even greater share of sales.

It is not a terrible result for Samsung as the Galaxy S5 is still comfortably the best-selling Android handset, although it is plainly clear that the Korean company cannot topple the iPhone. That is despite Samsung spending hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising, including an ambitious move to brand Heathrow Airport's Terminal 5 as Terminal GS5.

Beyond failing to tackle the iPhone, the Galaxy S5 is causing concern inside Samsung as the device has only enjoyed a lukewarm response and has not been received with same enthusiasm as the Galaxy S4. The general consumer base is being swayed by handsets like the HTC One M8 and LG G3, two Android smartphones that have better designs and in some cases better hardware and software than the GS5.

The Galaxy S5 is a fantastic phone, but there is genuine feeling inside Samsung that the handset is not good enough to sustain the traditional yearlong lifespan. That's why the company is eager to release an updated metal version called the Galaxy F later in the year, while there seems to be a need for the company to update the S range significantly in 2015 from a design and tech perspective.

source: Telegraph

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