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Unknown tablet shows up at Google I/O

Rumors by Luke Jones on Friday June 27, 2014.

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Please note that this story is based upon rumor and/or speculation.
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HTC Nexus 8
HTC Nexus 8

"Hey, what's that?" is a very common question at company developer events during keynote speeches when images of devices flash on the screen. At Google's I/O the "what's that?" moment came when the company flashed a tablet on screen that we have never seen before, meaning it could be the HTC Nexus or another new slate.

The HTC Nexus 8 or HTC Volantis as it is otherwise known was long rumoured to be arriving at Google's I/O event. With the excitement of Android L and Android Wear, it was easy to forget that the slate never actually made an appearance, or did it? The picture in the main window shows three Google products lined up next to each other. On the left it is clearly the Pixel Chromebook, while on the right sits the Nexus 5 smartphone, but what?s that in the middle?

A wave of the hand and a dismissive tone would suggest it is just the current Nexus 7, but if you take a closer look you may agree that it's not. Firstly the camera is clearly in the middle of the portrait bezel as opposed to on the side for the Nexus 7. Some reports suggest this render shows front facing speakers, that the HTC Volantis is supposed to have, although admittedly we struggle to see them.

Aside from looking for little details, quite simply the tablet in question is bigger than the Nexus 7. That is detectable instantly, but for closer comparison, the tablet here is taller than the Nexus 5 in landscape stance, something the Nexus 7 is not. And this is not Samsung's aging Nexus 10 either as that slate dwarves the Nexus 5 in landscape stance.

So there you have it, a little bit of detective work reveals this is indeed a new tablet, the only question now is whether it is the HTC Nexus 8 or another product. We will let you figure that one out.

source: Android Guys

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