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Only one iPhone 6 model may have optical image stabilization

News by Andrew Kameka on Wednesday June 25, 2014.

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Apple is expected to release the iPhone 6 in two different sizes later this fall, but only one of those new iPhone styles will have the coveted Optical Image Stabilization feature, according to new unsettling reports from people who claim to be in the know. The news comes from analysts who are merely analyzing what they have seen and heard from connected people, so it's not definitive, but it's also not an encouraging sign for anyone who had his or her eyes on the smaller 4.7-inch iPhone. According to John Vinh and Kevin Chen, the smaller iPhone 6 won't have OIS. The duo writes

We believe the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 smartphone camera will support optical image stabilization (OIS) and anticipate that it will represent one of several opportunities at Apple that will benefit InvenSense. In our analysis, we believe Apple chose to only include OIS camera technology in the larger iPhone 6 given that there is still a significant cost premium ($4 to $5) over standard auto focus solutions and that it provides a point of differentiation between the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the step-up model (5.5-inch).

While it's not surprising that Apple would choose to differentiate its two iPhone 6 models in areas other than size, it's still disappointing that the company might elect to create that separation in such an important area. OIS has proven to be a very useful tool in taking photos with reduced blur and improved focus in low-light situations. Apple is known for producing a quality smartphone camera even without OIS, but the improved stabilization feature has helped Nokia, HTC, and LG take better photos than those companies' products that lacked OIS.

Ming-Chi Kuo, another analyst with a less than pristine track record for accuracy on reports, also believes Apple will only put OIS in the 5.5-inch version of the iPhone 6. If these predictions prove true, the bigger iPhone may be the more desirable one despite its drastic increase in size.

via: MacRumors

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