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AT&T SmartMic turns every nearby phone into a wireless microphone others at an event can hear

News by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday June 24, 2014.

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As people crowd the stand-in microphone in a conference hall waiting for a chance to ask a question of a presenter, others can sit comfortably in their seat and wait for the chance to speak. AT&T's SmartMic prototype makes smartphones operate as wireless microphones, so there's no need for everyone to share.

SmartMic is designed to operate within a developing conference app that will work with agendas and live polling when users are in the same venue. The specific feature will work by allowing users to download an app and then connect to the system that is monitored by event organizers. If someone in the audience has a question or comment, that person's phone signals to organizers, who can then turn their smartphone into a live audio source that will run through the same PA system they use. In simpler terms, everyone's phone can be a microphone, and everyone can be involved without having to line up for a mic or feverishly wave their hand until they are noticed.

AT&T doesn't say when this feature will go live, but the app is in development now and you can see a brief demonstration of how it operates on YouTube.

source: AT&T

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