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Android follows Apple's footsteps to 64-bit processors

News by Luke Jones on Tuesday June 24, 2014.

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Apple, the company that apparently does not innovate anymore actually did something significant in the mobile space last year. Sure, the company did not issue a new shiny device that changed pop culture, but Cupertino did do something new with its 64-bit processor (A7) that set the iPhone 5s apart. Now iOS isn't the only mobile operating system with 64-bit computing.

When Apple announced the A7 alongside the iPhone 5s, the company took the smartphone world by surprise as rival companies were not expecting it. Early reports that Samsung would instantly respond with its own 64-bit handset were unfounded simply because Android and the manufacturers were not prepared for the tech.

That of course is changing now, and Android manufacturers and the OS are catching up. Google is expected to announce the next major Android version at its I/O conference next week, and one big new feature will be the ability for Android to support 64-bit architecture. We reported last week that the company is also changing the Android code from the Dalvik runtime to ART, meaning apps will respond more rapidly and interact with the OS in a more complete way.

There are strong reports suggesting that the upcoming Nexus tablet from HTC will sport a 64-bit chip.

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