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Sprint issues nationwide guarantee with the launch of HD Voice and 4G LTE in 470 LTE markets

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday June 23, 2014.

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T-Mobile CEO John Legere recently spoke ill of rivals like Sprint and invited potential consumers to "Test drive" the network for 7 days, but Sprint isn't taking the tough talk laying down. The nation's third-place carrier today announced that it has reached its 474th market with 4G LTE connectivity, launched HD Voice calling nationwide, and it's now giving a guarantee that consumers will be pleased after 30 days of service.

Sprint today launched 4G LTE in 28 new markets. The headline cities are Seattle, Cleveland, and San Jose, but the important part of that announcement is that the company is now in 474 markets (Sprint announced 471 but its public list of markets is actually 474), covering a total number of 225 million people. Sprint also announced that the higher-quality voice call enabled through HD Voice is now available "nationwide," but only on compatible handsets (28 phones on the network).

In light of these improvements, Sprint has issued a new challenge to new customers: sign-up for a Sprint account and if you don't like it, you'll get your money back. Here's the exact text of the guarantee:

The satisfaction guarantee provides wireless users a risk-free experience of Sprint's improved network, exclusive Framily plan, and unique services. If customers aren't completely satisfied with the Sprint experience within the first 30 days, Sprint will refund the cost of their device and waive all service and activation charges.

Beginning June 27, anyone displeased with Sprint quality of service can walk away. This offer is only valid to new customers at Sprint stores or online, so be sure to ask about the guarantee when activating a new line of service.

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