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Google May have confirmed Android 5.0 is launching soon (or maybe it's just really excited about the World Cup)

News by Andrew Kameka on Thursday June 12, 2014.

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Google has posted a screenshot of the special World Cup Google Now cards that we reported on earlier this week. While it might seem like a non-event, the photo has sparked chatter that the image is confirmation that Android 5.0 is launching soon. It's common for Google to post screenshots in which the designated time shown in the top right corner refers to an upcoming version of Android. Prior to the release of Android 4.4 KitKat, the time in promotional screenshots said 4:40, and the Ice Cream Sandwich launch (4.0) was preceded by a screenshot taken at 4:00. So when people noticed that Google's World Cup images say 5:00, people made the natural jump that Android 5.0 must be right around the corner.

While it's true that Google's planning to announce Android 5.0 at Google I/O in a few weeks, it's not definite. It's possible Google simply wanted to show the difference between a card that shows a schedule match and one that's in progress. However, the timing shown doesn't add up. Today's opening match with host Brazil begins at 4:00 pm and soccer/football matches have 45 minute halves with a few minutes of injury time. If an in-progress game has 54 minutes passed, it has to be in the second half, and there's no way today's match could possible start at that time. It seems more plausible that Google is sticking to its tradition of teasing a new Android release in the screenshot. It may be time for some new Android features in a few weeks.

source: Google (Twitter), via: Phone Arena

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