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T-Mobile tops AT&T in 4G mobile speeds

News by Luke Jones on Thursday June 12, 2014.

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T-Mobile made itself the cool kid in the carrier world by shaking up business models and just making itself a little noisy. It is the same as sitting in the corner banging a drum when all the serious people -- in this case Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T -- try to talk about demographics and hitting sales targets. T-Mobile's cause has also been helped by a CEO who shows up on stage with a t-shirt, sun hat, and quirky personality.

T-Mobile boss John Legere has proved himself a savvy mind. Not too long ago, T-Mobile could not compete with AT&T, and while the companies are still far apart in terms of profit, they are now closer in other variables. PCMag has conducted its annual study of wireless network speeds across the United States and interestingly the published report shows T-Mobile ahead of AT&T.

The "Uncarrier" is beating the straight edged AT&T in terms of 4G data speed across the nation in PCMag's test. Only Verizon is faster than T-Mobile now, and the change from last year is drastic. In 2013's study, AT&T was number 1 while T-Mobile's 4G footprint was so small it did not even warrant inclusion on the list. In that perspective it has been a staggering reversal for the company.

T-Mobile's hike came thanks to aggressive 4G LTE roll outs in cities across the United States, and the company had the best network in over half of them. However, the company still lacks in rural areas and that's where Verizon and AT&T shine brightest. So, that covers the 1st biggest network (Verizon), the 2nd (AT&T), and the 4th (T-Mobile), but what about the 3rd?

Well, Sprint's 4G offering continues to be woeful as the company trails far behind its major rivals. While the other three companies in the big four each scored more than 70 out of 100, Sprint could only manage an embarrassing 49. The proposed merger between Sprint and T-Mobile seems even more likely now and it seems Sprint needs the noisy kid just as much as the kid needs it.

source: BGR

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