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HTC One M9 pegged for next year, alongside Prime

News by Luke Jones on Wednesday June 11, 2014.

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The HTC One M8 is winning plaudits for its design, specs, and software and is one of the smartphone hits of this year. The handset has also given HTC a chance of sorting out its money problems, so much so that the company is building a whole range of smartphones around the M8 branding. Speculation around how HTC can top the M8 next year is already kicking into gear and a report today claims that new HTC flagship handsets will arrive during the first quarter of 2015.

According to @Evleaks, the HTC One M9 and a M9 Prime will land during the first three months of next year, replacing the M8. To be honest, this is hardly a revelation; after all both the M8 and last year's M7 were launched at the beginning of the year. Presuming HTC sticks to its launch cycle it is just common sense that the M9 would arrive at a similar time next year. So hardly ground breaking stuff here, but @Evleaks is mostly spot on so we have nothing to complain about aside from this being rather obvious news.

What is interesting about this news is the fact that the One M9 will be accompanied by a M9 Prime. Whether this could possibly be true depends on what device the Prime is and what its purpose in the market is. Some reports suggest the Prime is an even better version of the One flagship, while others say it is merely a phablet version of the One.

If the Prime is a super M9, the point of launching it alongside the normal M9 would be rather futile, but if it is a phablet version it could land alongside the flagship. Everything we have heard about this year's HTC One M8 Prime suggests it is a better updated version of the M8 proper, so we will reserve judgement. Speaking about this year's Prime, recent rumours are saying that HTC has decided to shelve the handset until next year.

That is certainly a possibility as the company is still trying to cut costs and needs to be more strategic about when it releases handsets, and indeed which ones it launches. However, a source I spoke to in HTC UK revealed that the Prime is well past the planning stage and could be launched at any time if the company wanted it to be. It is far more likely that HTC will see how the market plays out with newcomers such as the LG G3 before committing to launching the Prime.

According to the source, HTC could launch the device near the end of the year branded as the M8 Prime, or save it until next year and give it the M9 moniker.

source: Android Guys

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