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Sony may make more cheap handsets with MediaTek processors

News by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday June 10, 2014.

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Smartphones pumping out of Sony's contracted factories have mostly been of the high-end variety with Qualcomm's top of the line Snapdragon processors or in the upper midrange with a weaker but still strong Snapdragon. It appears Sony may be moving toward lowering the costs of handsets by using MediaTek processors.

MediaTek has slowly become the chip maker of choice for companies looking to produce budget handsets. While MediaTek does not deliver the same level of performance as Qualcomm, the company lives in the entry level and midrange space where the difference in performance is arguably forgivable. However, the chips are comparable enough to make their low price tags appealing to phone makers. Sony, which first used MediaTek in last year's Xperia C smartphone, is reportedly going to do more business with the company.

Chinese supply chain sources claim that Sony plans to launch five smartphones using MediaTek processors. That's a significant jump when one considers that Sony sells millions of smartphones each year, many of which are in the midrange. The new MediaTek phones would also come with 4G capabilities in markets that demand such connectivity.

Sony Xperia Z level products will definitely not make the switch to MediaTek because high-end consumers demand a better class of performance. Even just a few E or M-level handsets using MediaTek would translate to a large number of total devices sold. Switching will lower production costs, which one might hope will lower the over costs of the device for consumers as well. With Sony looking for ways to maintain an edge yet still turn a profit, marrying its external design know-how with cost-cutting internal features might be the way forward.

source: Apple Daily (Taiwanese), via: G for Games

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