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ZTE plans to steal employees from Motorola and Blackberry

News by Luke Jones on Tuesday June 10, 2014.

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ZTE poching employees
ZTE poching employees

ZTE has made it clear that it wants to improve its brand image and become a company known for making quality smartphones around the world. The huge Chinese manufacturer is among the biggest smartphone companies in the world and it makes some very good devices and some truly awful ones. What it does not make is a standout smartphone that is a rival to the very best. Outside of Asia the brand is not highly regarded.

ZTE has acknowledged that fact and is now poaching employees from rival brands in a bid to increase its reputation among the consumer base. Two of the competitors ZTE is targeting are Blackberry and Motorola, brands that are going through upheaval for different reasons. With Blackberry is still in crisis and looking for a way to salvage itself, a large amount of employees are available from the Canadian firm due to cost cutting or simply jumping ship.

Motorola is gearing to be sold to Lenovo from Google in a $2.91 billion deal and there will certainly be job cuts during the switch. ZTE also sees potential to take employees who no longer want to be at Motorola after the acquisition. So far the company has already poached just under 20 employees from Blackberry and the Wall Street Journal says its sources claim more departures are to follow. That means in the coming months there will be an influx of former Blackberry workers heading to ZTE.

Information on Motorola is less clear, but ZTE is said to be interested in stealing employees from the American brand too. The company has said it wants to show customers in western markets that it can compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung. Despite Blackberry's woes, the company still has a host of highly thought of innovators, while Motorola has been highly praised over the last year for its quality handsets and software.

Getting employees from those companies on board will probably help ZTE build better smartphones, but we are not sure it will help the Chinese giant crack the American and European markets. The company has hired new executives and even set up a unit to tackle that problem, so expect to be seeing a lot more of the company on a billboard near you.

s source: Wall Street Journal

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