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Samsung may have a tablet with a foldable display in 2015

Rumors by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday June 10, 2014.

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The concept of foldable tablets have long been floated as futuristic ideas of how devices might adapt. One rumor suggests the future may arrive sooner than expected when Samsung debuts a smartphone and tablet with a foldable design. While it might initially seem crazy, Samsung is reportedly preparing to release a foldable tablet next year. Korean outlet Daum reports that Samsung will release a tablet with an 8 to 9-inch OLED 1080p HD display when it is fully extended. The product would supposedly be available in a very small commercial run as a way of testing the market, similar to how the Galaxy Round and LG G Flex were not mass worldwide products but gauged consumer interest for curved displays.

Samsung has filed for patents in the past that showcase flexible displays. The company is even rumored to have privately shown off a prototype a few months ago at Mobile World Congress. However, a folding tablet would be very difficult to produce. How would the company balance the need to have hinges that could securely lock in place when in use or stack up when condensed into the smaller mode? More importantly, what kind of experience could users have if those hinges created seams in the display area; could Samsung possibly design the tablet to not have seams?

It's obvious that Samsung isn't preparing to have a major reveal in the near future, but rumors suggest Samsung might have its adjustable tablet ready for consumers in early 2015.

source: Daum, via: Sam Mobile

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