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LG G3 opens to huge success in Korea

News by Luke Jones on Monday June 09, 2014.

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LG's G3 is living up to the substantial hype that has followed it since its launch at the beginning of the month. The Android powerhouse has been praised by critics for its smooth performance and slick easy to use software, while most are admirers of its svelte looks. Sure, waxing lyrical about this smartphone is easy, but the only way for the G3 to be remembered in the long term is for it to become a huge success. The device is well on its way to that after a blockbuster start to life in LG's homeland.

When we think of iconic handsets, they are usually the ones that captured the public imagination and then sold buckets of units, they also create a legacy. The Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone spring to mind, as does the HTC One to a lesser extent. To join the ranks to the greats the G3 has to become a sales sensation as well as be an amazing smartphone.

In South Korea the G3 has started very well, selling 100,000 units in just five days since launching in the country. The device is not available in other markets yet, so we can only judge the G3 on how it does in its homeland, and this is a stunning start. How stunning? Well, it may not be the kind of millions in one day launch that Apple enjoys, but it is enough to easily trump compatriot Samsung.

We are talking strictly about Korea of course, but the G3 has significantly outsold Samsung?s flagship Galaxy S5, which is of course the successor to the trend setting S3. Over the first three days of release, the LG G3 was selling between 25,000 and 30,000 units per day, which the GS5 could only manage between 7,000 and 8,000.

Most analysts predicted the G3 would give the Galaxy S5 a run for its money, but LG's success in Korea is still unprecedented. Of course, the S5 is a fantastic smartphone in its own right, but it has not had rapid sales of the GS4 and GS3, which means there is a market for LG to eat into. Much will be decided when the G3 rolls out worldwide, but if this start in Korea could even be replicated globally by 50%, it would be enough to propel the G3 to future greatness.

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