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NFC rumored to be heading to the iPhone 6

News by Luke Jones on Monday June 09, 2014.

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NFC iPhone 6
NFC iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 could end up being the most leaked iOS device ever made. We have already seen production shots, cases, and launch cycles, and now we are even getting a list of specs expected to land on the handset courtesy of VentureBeat. Interestingly, the purported specs include some we have doubts about, while others are fairly concrete.

The most intriguing feature listed by the website is NFC capability, which would very much be a first for Apple and iOS. Cupertino has been staunchly against NFC (Near Field Communication), remaining one of the last holdouts in thinking the tech is not robust enough. However, according to VentureBeat, Apple is now tempted to include NFC on the iPhone 6 and is toying with the idea of putting the payment method on the new smartphone. However, the website makes it clear that NFC may not actually make the final iPhone 6 that launches, although it is very much a possibility.

We are a little skeptical about whether we will see NFC on the iPhone 6, after all it was only last year that Apple CEO Tim Cook argued a case for not having it. Yes, most of Apple?s Android and Windows Phone rivals have it, but NFC has not become a huge selling point so we doubt Apple will feel compelled to change its stance. In fact, it is more likely that Apple will showcase its own rapid payment method rather than go back on its word.

Other features are on a much surer footing though, including even faster LTE, a large screen (of course), and wireless charging. That quicker LTE will come in the form of Category 6 LTE radio, which is as fast as it gets with theoretical speeds of up to 300Mbps. Apple has never tackled wireless charging properly, but the company is ready to concentrate on the tech by including a special surface under the chassis of the iPhone 6. This surface will connect to another inductive charging layer to give the new iPhone wireless charging.

source: BGR

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