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How to get World Cup updates through Google Now

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday June 09, 2014.

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There are a number of different apps that can be used to find out more information about any of the 32 nations participating in the 2014 World Cup, but you can also rely on Google Now to get that same information. Google Now supports special cards dedicated to teams, so users can follow France and Brazil just as easily as they follow PSG and Corinthians. Though a card will not offer as much in terms of real-time updates, player profiles, and news reports with as much depth as dedicated apps, it can be the lighter alternative for people who simply wish to know schedules, scores, and standings of their favored nation's group.

Creating a Google Now World Cup card is fairly simple. I performed a few searches for Germany and it came up for me, but you can manually add a card by following the standard steps to creating a card.

- 1. Open Google Now and scroll to the bottom of the screen
- 2. Tap the center icon that looks like a magic wand
- 3. Select sports and then add a team
- 4. Enter the name of your country (Brazil, Cameroon, Spain, etc.) and then tap enter

Google has so far created cards only for teams participating in the World Cup. If the cards prove successful, let's hope Google decides to make them a permanent fixture for all national teams so these cards can come in handy for the Gold Cup, Copa America, Cup of Nations, and so on.

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