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Google Now wakes users when they near their stop on transportation

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday June 09, 2014.

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Since moving to the New York area two years ago, I've been amazed by the amount of people who have this uncanny ability to fall asleep on the train and somehow manage to wake-up right as it pulls into their stop. For the rest of the world that lacks this miraculous ability, Google has created a new alarm feature that will alert you when a train or bus is at a desired station.

In an update to Google Now, there's an option to set an alarm when approaching a frequent station. The app senses when traveling on public transportation and offers an optional alert when approaching places defined as home or work. It's unclear exactly how to always trigger this feature as it appears to be limited and only shows up for some users when opening Google Now. This is a new feature not available to everyone because public transit information is not always available to Google. As for the shaky nature of internet connections in underground rail systems, the alarms appear to be based on time rather than location. Google Now estimates when you should arrive at your desired location and sets the alarm.

Whether on bus routes in San Francisco or rail lines in Netherlands, having the helpful nudge to wake up and exit public transit will be a big help getting home when transit riders aren't at their sharpest.

source: Android Police

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