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PayPal also considering Touch ID for payments, not just Samsung's Fingerprint Scanner

News by Andrew Kameka on Friday June 06, 2014.

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 features a fingerprint sensor that can be used to unlock a smartphone or authenticate a user to make payments with PayPal. New reports suggest the same feature will come to the iPhone now that PayPal is exploring how to use Touch ID for its iOS app. Business Insider reports that it heard from a PayPal employee that some of his co-workers attended a session on Touch ID at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference this week, and PayPal's senior director of global initiatives later confirmed that to be true. The original source said that the Touch ID API is "fairly easy" and that the team was still "kicking the tires," meaning nothing is set in stone yet. However, it appears highly likely that iPhone users may have a new way to confirm their identity with PayPal.

Apple originally made Touch ID usable only for unlocking an iPhone 5S and making purchases within iTunes. CEO Tim cook later called it the mobile payment option of the future, and the company announced at WWDC that it would open up Touch ID to developers to integrate the fingerprint reader into their apps. Developers will not have full access to fingerprints, but they will be able to make a request to Apple to authenticate an account owner's identity. With PayPal looking to expand payment options, a quick fingerprint scan is a quicker and less annoying method than typing in a password. PayPal is already testing how effective that strategy is with the Samsung Galaxy S5, so it stands to reason the company would want to quickly deliver similar support on the current iPhone and the upcoming iPhone 6 that is sure to have Touch ID as well.

source: Business Insider

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