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Motorola may have unwittingly confirmed a 1080p display for its next device

News by Andrew Kameka on Thursday June 05, 2014.

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The Moto X chose to sit out the display wars of 2013, choosing not to use a 1080p HD display at a time when its chief rivals embraced the higher resolution. Former CEO Dennis Woodside told us then that 720p was good enough and it added superior gains in battery life. Motorola must have figured out a way to produce in great battery life regardless of screen resolution -- or perhaps it finally caved in to user demands -- because it now seems like the company is working on a device with a 1080p display.

Earlier today, Motorola executive Punit Soni posted a screenshot on Google+ to placate critics of the way the Moto G displays a carrier's name in the notification area. Soni was happy to report that an update to Android 4.4.3 lets users choose to display or hide the carrier's name and he even posted a screenshot to let users know about it. However, the screenshot posted looks larger than most images taken from the Moto G, and closer examination of the image showed it to be 1920x1080. This can mean only one of two things:

1.) Punit Soni is using a Motorola device with 1080p
2.) Punit Soni is using another device or emulator purposely set to 1080p resolution even though Motorola doesn't have any commercial products at that resolution

The former seems more plausible than the latter, so that probably means that Motorola will launch a phone with a 1080p resolution. The company has mainly focused on budget handsets since releasing the Moto X, so this new high-end device may be the rumored Moto X+1. We hope to see the device later this year, but now we can hope to see it with higher definition as well.

source: Punit Soni (Google+), via: Android Headlines

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