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Galaxy Note 4 and Gear 3 to be bundled together

News by Luke Jones on Wednesday June 04, 2014.

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Galaxy Note 4 and Gear 3
Galaxy Note 4 and Gear 3

Sure, the rumoured to be arriving soon Galaxy S5 Prime may be Samsung's next big launch, but the one the tech world is looking forward to is the Galaxy Note 4. The king of the phablet device is not expected to land in its fourth form until at least September (but more likely November) so details are still scarce. However, there have been some scraps filtering through, including some looks at reported specs for the Note 4.

Now according to the Korean Herald in Samsung's home nation, the Galaxy Note 4 will arrive bundled with the Galaxy Gear 3 smart watch. The Gear 3 will be launched at the same event as the Note 4; much like the original wearable arrived alongside the Galaxy Note 3 last year. The Gear has not taken off in the way Samsung had hoped, even though the Galaxy Gear 2 improved the experience.

The wearable tech is still too nascent it seems, and Samsung appears to be ready to make a loss with the Gear 3 by bundling it with the Note 4. If true it is hardly a huge surprise as Samsung did something similar to sweeten the deal for the Gear 2, bundling it with the flagship Galaxy S5 flagship in some markets.

Packing the Gear in with the Note 4 will undoubtedly boost sales of the moderately received smart watch, but increased adoption rates will in some ways create a false economy around the Gear. It will not be that the wearable is popular, more that the Galaxy Note 4 will be popular and the Gear 3 will be along for the ride. There is also the possibility that Samsung will vastly improve what has been an uninspiring product so far, but even that is unlikely to drum up massive jumps in sales.

We are still trying to decide if this report holds any water, after all Samsung has moved its wearable devices to the Tizen home brewed system, while the Note 4 will be running Android. If this is true it will certainly be a sweet deal nevertheless, despite the Gear's obvious limitations.

source: Korea Herald

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