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Apple iOS 8 will introduce new camera features and manual controls for developers

News by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday June 03, 2014.

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iOS 8 focus and exposure settings
iOS 8 focus and exposure settings

We've already highlighted the major features that Apple announced at yesterday's WWDC event, but iOS 8 is home to several other noteworthy improvements. One of the biggest is a update to the camera app that will give photo takers more control. The iOS Camera app will get new touch controls for focus and exposure, something that currently requires using a third-party apps. The iPhone has one of the best cameras on a mobile device, but its official app has traditionally been limited because it didn't let users make adjustments. In the developer preview released yesterday, Camera has been updated to include options to tap on an area of the screen to change auto-focus and exposure independently.

Camera will also add some new tricks found in alternative camera apps, of which there are many on iOS. Users taking self or group portraits with the rear camera will now have a 3 or 10 second timer. There's also a Time Lapse feature that takes several photos at set intervals and then puts them together in a video, and the iPad will be able to take panorama images, helping tourists stand out even more now. According to Apple Insider, iOS 8 also providers developers direct access to ISO, aperture, shutter speed, and the camera roll and photos. This will allow developers to have more sophisticated camera apps and edit images directly within the Photos app. Both are part of Apple's strategy to improve the photo taking and management options in iOS 8.

via: Apple Insider

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