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Apple has sold more than 800 million iOS devices, including to 130 million new users last year

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday June 02, 2014.

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Apple has sold hundreds of millions iPhones, iPads, and iPods over the years. At its annual WWDC event, CEO Tim Cook revealed that people switched in droves to iOS last year "in search of a better life." Attacking iOS's chief rival, Android, Cook said:

"They had bought an Android phone...by mistake...and then had sought a better experience, and a better life. And they decided to check out iPhone and iOS."

Cook preceded the Android bashing by saying that Apple has sold more than 800 million iOS devices. In the last year alone, 130 million new iOS devices were sold to new users. Cook cites the company's innovations and superior experience to explain why so many new consumers joined.

However, Cook's statements should not be accepted as fact because people change platforms for a variety of reasons. Android surpassed the 1 billion device mark 9 months ago and has continued to grow, so clearly not everyone subscribes to Cook's views. Regardless of why people choose iOS, it's clear that the platform is the only current competitor to Android in terms of user growth.

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