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Steve Wozniak approves of Beats buyout

News by Luke Jones on Thursday May 29, 2014.

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Apple Beats
Apple Beats

Whenever something substantial happens over at Apple, the guy who helped start it all is always a good place to start for an honest and refreshing take on events. So with Cupertino's acquisition of Beats now in the public domain, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has given his own unique take on the situation.

Wozniak is the man who alongside Steve Job helped start the Apple juggernaut that we know today; it was his tech wizardry that created the hardware for Steve Jobs to sell. Wozniak is still a shareholder at Cupertino but is not involved in the company in an official capacity, and in the past he has been brutally honest about the state of the company, whether in a good or bad way.

It seems the Beats deal has a thumbs up from the Woz, although he is cautioning against the long term appeal of the headphone and music streaming company. Reaching out to CNET via email, Wozniak praised Beats and its hardware.

"Sounds good for Apple [to be] getting back to some cool roots... I worry about the Beats hardware fad fading, but if I were to buy ordinary headphones, I'd probably choose Beats," he said. "They beat other brands in my mind, like Skull Candy."

Wozniak has been critical of Apple's direction in recent years, but the Beats acquisition seems to have his seal of approval, even if he is sitting on the fence in terms of whether the deal will be an actual success. Apple's CEO Tim Cook has promised to deliver something special in the future from this collaboration.

"It's not what Apple and Beats are doing today," Cook said. "It's what we believe pairing the two together can produce for the future."

source: CNET

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