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Android Wear screenshots serve as a reminder of how annoying they might become

Editorial by Andrew Kameka on Thursday May 29, 2014.

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Android Wear Nest, Clash of Clans, and Calendar
Android Wear Nest, Clash of Clans, and Calendar

Google yesterday posted screenshots of its upcoming Android Wear platform in action. In a note to developers, the company showed how they can send notifications to a phone without doing any work, but a few lines of code can enhance things. The images also showed one area that might upset some users.

The first screenshot is an innocuous alert about an upcoming meeting, something that should go over well with anyone who purchases a Moto 360 or an LG G Watch. However, the next image is a message from Clash of Clans telling the player "Your troops are ready for battle!" This is typical of mobile games that push notifications about troops ready to fight, mines ready to raid, or rounds ready to be played in word games. They can be very annoying when used on a phone, and one would have to assume that buzzing your wrist for these kinds of notifications could be even more frustrating. Yes, you can disable notifications for an entire app, but there are few games or apps out there that provide detailed controls. Someone might want to disable alerts about not having played in a while, but that person might want to maintain reminders for when it's his or her turn in a word game.

Android Wear media controls
Android Wear media controls

It would be wise of Google to encourage developers to follow some best practices rules and realize that people will want to prioritize certain types of notifications on their watch. People may not be as tolerant of being bombarded with Wear notifications as they are on their phone. The good thing is that the other screenshots posted show the value of having Wear route standard Android notifications. I'd love to have Nest warn me about smoke in my office, or have full-screen music controls. I just don't want have to deal with much of the other foolishness that appears on my phone every day. Android Wear's chance of flourishing into the ideal smart watch will require finding the right balance between being informed and being comfortable.

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