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LG G3 hands-on: hardware, software, and camera

News by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday May 27, 2014.

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LG G3 hands-on
LG G3 hands-on

LG's smartphones have been in Samsung's shadows during the bulk of the Android era, but the LG G3 may be the first device to finally emerge and shine brighter than anything from its Korean rival. While it's hard to resist getting wrapped up in the afterglow of a new device raising excitement upon its first impression, the G3 leaves one heck of an impression.

The most impressive aspect of the G3 is its body and how much the texture differs from previous devices. The moisture and gloss of plastic has been replaced with the smoothness and strength of metal. The entire frame is plastic but there's a film along the back with a "metallic" texture. It sill feels light as plastic and has a fingerprint-resistant coating. Though I've had issues with other devices that use plastic, and the slimy texture of glossy plastic has been particularly frustrating. The switch to a metallic-ish body is a pleasant departure that's preferable touching throughout the day, though it still feels somewhat strange.

Introducing a Quad HD display also makes it hard to ignore the G3. The resolution of 2560 x 1440 is excessive and seems highly unnecessary given that only someone with phenomenal vision who holds the screen too close to his or her eyes would even be able to tell the difference between Quad HD and 1080p HD. It would appear that LG introduced this higher resolution just for the sake of being able to one-up rivals, and that might raise concerns about the effect this super hi-res screen will have on battery life. LG counters that it has used three tools to address that issue with "adaptive optimization" that will change the frame rate, CPU clock speeds, and timing control to consumer less energy. It's supposedly a 20 percent more efficient battery.

However, there is something about this display that's incredible, and that's the way that the combination of brightness, color, and sharpness standout as beautiful. The benefits of this over an S5 are in being able to zoom in and still have a highly detailed image, but the benefits of that may be negligible. Maybe spending more time with the device might change my mind on the excess of QHD and I might end up praise the wonders of it. And while I'm hesitant to oversell a device I've only used for a few hours, the G3 is truly something special.

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