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Any.Do launches web app to complete circle of task management service

Review by Andrew Kameka on Thursday May 22, 2014.

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Any Do for web
Any Do for web

Any.Do is mostly known for being a useful productivity app for managing tasks in a minimalist-designed Android and iOS app. Today, it's finally becoming a complete solution thanks to the introduction of a web app that can synchronize with the mobile clients. The new Any.do web client, accessible at web.any.do, delivers the same concept of simplicity and clarity on a wider screen. Adapting to the larger screen is easy because it groups tasks according to the same four important ideal completion dates: Today, Tomorrow, Upcoming, and Someday.

Tasks can be grouped according to an all-encompassing view or broken down into other defined projects. For instance, I maintain separate lists for Personal, Work, and Home tasks, so I can switch to those tabs. The Planning and Focus modes allow the user to see all of the upcoming things that need to be done or pay closer attention to one set of tasks, perhaps one that might be more time sensitive.

When creating a new task, it automatically launches a suggested task that fits a grouping and has one-click alarms, reminders, and the ability to add sub tasks. Things that would normally take a few steps in Any.do can only happen quicker in the web app because of the larger canvas to use. There are sadly no tags for the tasks, but there's a standard Folder view that can group everything together.

Any.Do users should find the web app to be a welcome method for creating and editing tasks. Any.Do continues to have its issues related to other solutions being stronger for collaborative purposes, but for users simply looking to get organized for their own projects or for self-managed work tasks, it's still one of the prettiest and fastest task managers around.

Any.do for Android // Any.Do for Web

Task creation page
Task creation page

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