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Google Search finally creates timers instead of alarms

News by Andrew Kameka on Thursday May 22, 2014.

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Though you'll often read about praise of Google Now on MobileBurn, there's still more than a few ways that Google could tidy up its enhanced search product. Thankfully, Google has taken the time to fix one of those problems and finally set a timer rather than create an alarm. Until recently, asking Google to "set a timer for 10 minutes" would instead create an alarm set to go off in 10 minutes. While it accomplished the basic function of alerting a user when 10 minutes had passed, it was an inarticulate solution.

Asking Google to set a timer now does just that; it opens the clock application and starts a countdown that will alert the user when the desired interval of time has passed. That means users no longer need to see the alarm section of the clock app littered with alarms tht were created for every time they have ever needed to set a timer. Best of all, this is a background update that doesn't require any effort from the user and its automatically being updated in stages.

via: phandroid

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