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Gmail adds Save to Google Drive and UI improvements for Arabic, Hebrew, and other RTL languages

News by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday May 20, 2014.

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Google has posted an update to its Gmail Android app that adds a few long overdue improvements for managing files and reading messages. The update adds the ability to save content to Google Drive. When viewing a message with an attachment, Gmail now offers the options to Preview the file, Save it to the phone or tablet, or Save to Drive. Saving a file to Drive will make it available online and ready for use across mobile devices and a PC.

Gmail added some navigation improvements for people who are native speakers of right-to-left languages like Arabic or Hebrew. The interface has been changed so that profile pictures and menus are now located on the right side of the app. Swiping from the right to left will then reveal the navigation buttons, and English and other LTR languages can swipe in the opposite direction to get to the navigation menu without having to tap the top left corner.

Also included in the update is an explanation for why messages end up in the Spam tab. You can download Gmail for Android and try out these new changes now.

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