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Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime photos supposedly pop-up online

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday May 19, 2014.

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Galaxy S5 Prime
Galaxy S5 Prime

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a top of the line phone. The Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime is another top-of-the-line phone with a few small changes that will supposedly launch soon and cost more than the standard S5. And this is allegedly how it looks. PhoneArena has posted images of what it says may be the Galaxy S5 Prime, courtesy of an anonymous reader. The images show an S5 lookalike device that has a smooth edge rather than one with ridges and aluminum back rather than a perforated plastic body. There's also a unified areas for the flash, heart rate sensor, and rear camera. Though the photos do not make it possible to tell the difference, the screen is supposedly 2560x1440 (Quad HD).

Though I'm sure plenty of people would be thrilled to hear that Samsung has embraced a phone with an all-metal design, do not accept these images as undisputed. Samsung, for all its habits of releasing multiple models and derivatives of its phone, has never one-upped a flagship three months later. The probability of the S5 Prime existing isn't very high but it's possible. And even if it is something truly in development, there's no telling that what you see here is the real deal. Until Samsung makes the strange decision to release an S5 Prime, this is as close as you may get.

Galaxy S5 Prime
Galaxy S5 Prime

source: Phone Arena

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