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Here's why Samsung can so easily outsell all other Android smartphones

Editorial by Andrew Kameka on Saturday May 17, 2014.

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The Samsung Galaxy series of smartphones always faces competition for critical acclaim, but there's not an inkling of competition when it comes to sales with consumers. Why? Because just like a political campaign, the candidate with a much bigger war chest for advertisements stands a much better chance of gaining the most votes.

The latest example of Samsung's marketing might is a plan to take over a terminal at London's Heathrow Airport. Beginning Monday, Samsung will blanket Terminal 5 with display screens and signs for the Galaxy S5. The terminal will even change its name to Terminal Samsung Galaxy S5, and the airport's official website will feature the S5 as an even greater in-your-face way of promoting the latest Galaxy smartphone. For two weeks, anyone flying out of or into Terminal 5 will be unable to avoid seeing promotions for the phone. There will also be unsubtle nods to visit stores inside the airport to try or purchase the device. Samsung describes the promotion by saying:

The initiative includes all signage throughout the Terminal Samsung Galaxy S5 terminal ? at the entrance and drop-off locations, in the lounges, at security and at the gates. In addition, all 172 digital panels in the main terminal, gate rooms and baggage reclaim areas will feature the rebrand 'Terminal Samsung Galaxy S5' and images of the Galaxy S5 smartphone.

The terminal deal isn't cheap, but marketing costs have never been a deterent for Samsung. The Korean manufacturer rose to prominence because it could so thoroughly outspend the competition. Yes, producing quality phones had a lot to do with it, but advertising the Galaxy lineup at every major sporting event, award show, convention, concert series, and more has constantly raised Samsung's profile to the likes that HTC, Sony, and LG cannot afford to challenge.

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