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Apple and Google Motorola call a truce, put an end to their patent battles

News by Andrew Kameka on Saturday May 17, 2014.

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Apple and Motorola Mobility have been wrapped in a series of patent fights since 2010 with both sides alleging that the other has stolen its intellectual property. The two companies have announced that they will end their lawsuits and work towards patent reform.

The surprise announcement came last night as Apple and Motorola said they would cease their 20 separate cases. The deal is not a cross-licensing agreement, so there's no swapping of intellectual property; however, the two sides have reached a settlement to pay for the technology already used and avoid further court appearances.

The agreement is specifically between Motorola and Apple, so it does not affect any other ongoing litigation concerning other Android features that Apple have long said violated its IP. Samsung and Apple are also locked in patent battles spanning several issues and jurisdictions. Those battles will continue. It is unknown how Apple's pledge to work with Motorola in some areas will encourage the company to end its other patent battles, if at all.

source: Reuters

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