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Google Now adding bill payment reminders

News by Andrew Kameka on Friday May 16, 2014.

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Google Now is already setup to warn users when they have appointments or need to leave in order to make it to work on time. Now the Android version of the app is remind users when it's time to pay bills. A small number of people report that they are now getting Google Now cards warning them that credit cards or utilities need to be paid. The cards show the name of the bill, amount due, due date, and has a link to view the email.

Emails from billing companies are not standard, so not all companies will be able to show relevant cards. For instance, one of my banks only tells me when a statement is available but another actually shows the information required for the card. Google is likely still trying to refine the way the cards appear, which is why this hasn't been widely deployed. However, Android Police has examined the Google Search app and found references to minimum payments and balances, so this is something that's likely to come to Google Now. Some users are already receiving the basic cards that show bill due dates and balances, as well as as an option to stop receiving reminders for a specific bill.

source: Android Police

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